November 19, 2023

Florence Italy Engagement Shoot | Italy Wedding Photographer

Recently, I was in Italy photographing a wedding and was able to meet up with my friends Damaris and Albert for a shoot in Florence while they were there! I also included some photos from our time in Tuscany. Now, I have a little secret. This wasn’t actually an engagement shoot. This was a honeymoon shoot! Damaris and Albert had recently gotten married in Columbia and were on their honeymoon in Florence the same time I was there! So glad we were able to document this special time in their lives. I hope you enjoy this “Florence Italy engagement shoot” as well as our photos from around Tuscany.

I don’t quite have words to describe how much I enjoyed Tuscany, Florence and Italy as a whole. The stunning countryside, the wine, the food, the gelato, the architecture, the art, and fascinating history. It summarized what I believe to be all of the beautiful things that exist in life.

It is amazing how visiting Italy makes you realize just how new America is. We live in both Florida and Massachusetts, and while Florida is very new, Massachusetts is pretty old! We live in Salem which was founded in 1629, but being in Italy makes me realize just how recent the 1600s were in comparison to ancient history. One of my favorite places we visited was Rome. My husband is a Christian history enthusiast, so he was in charge of researching all the places we went to in Rome and we listened to the Rick Steves audio tour pretty much the whole time. I’m already dreaming of the next time we can go back to enjoy Italy even more.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Tuscany and this Florence Italy engagement shoot. Reach out if you would like to book a shoot!

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