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Crafting images that resonate with beauty, depth and authenticity, my approach is to blend fine art photography with the spontaneity of documentary photography. I seek out both the aesthetic and emotional beauty of every moment, creating tangible memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

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Meet kati 

My ultimate goal is to capture your memories as timelessly, artistically, and organically as possible. As a hybrid film and digital wedding photographer, I believe that images hold immeasurable value, and their value only increases over time. I serve my clients with not only stunning images, but with impeccable service. I am a destination wedding photographer and serve couples in Florida and New England or wherever the wind takes me. 

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"each photo told a story, frozen in time with an authenticity that reflected the genuine emotions of the occasion."

- Shannon + Josh

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Thoughtfulness + Intentionality

Intentionality goes beyond the act of taking a photo; it's about having a purposeful approach to every aspect of the craft. It is a mindset that affects every decision I make, from the words I speak, to the composition, to the timing, to the editing process. Being thoughtful means actively seeking out moments of significance, both grand and subtle, and understanding the story they tell. It requires patience, empathy, and a deep respect for the humans in front of me. This allows me to capture not just what is seen, but what is felt, ensuring each image embodies purpose and authenticity.



Timelessness is a cornerstone of my approach as a hybrid, film + digital wedding photographer. As the years pass and trends evolve, the importance of capturing timeless moments becomes even more evident to me. A timeless photograph transcends the constraints of time and fashion; it preserves the essence of a moment, which allows my couples to revisit the magic of their wedding day with the same joy and nostalgia decades later. In a world where everything seems to move at a relentless pace, timeless wedding photography serves as an anchor, grounding us in the beauty of the things that are most valuable in life. 



This is a core value that exists in my work but also in my life. I want your photos to be bright and joyful, but I also want you to have beautiful skin tones and to be able to see the details in your dress. My balanced approach is about finding an equilibrium between light and shadow, candid moments and posed portraits, and intricate details and stunning landscapes. Achieving balance ensures every aspect of your day is authentically represented, capturing the full spectrum of aesthetic beauty and genuine emotions.



Reality over perfection, always. This is another area where balance comes in. We will certainly fluff your dress and fix your hair. But when real moments are happening, we want to let them happen naturally. I always aim to find that perfect balance of beautifully photographed details, well-directed portraits, and genuine candid moments between your loved ones to tell the story of your day. I will never over-photoshop, because I believe that things like laugh lines are evidence of a life well lived.



My approach to a wedding day is my same approach to life: always go in with a well-thought out game plan but when it comes down to it, we go with the flow. Life doesn’t happen exactly as we plan it and neither do weddings, but that’s what makes them beautifully unique to you and your story! That’s what makes them real. Should you choose to dance in the rain, either literally or metaphorically, I’ll be right there by your side to document it.



My goal is not just for my clients to have beautiful photos, but to have an incredible experience with me. I aim to be that assuring and calming presence on your wedding day because I respect that this is your actual wedding, not just a photo shoot. I always strive to be efficient, to allow you to enjoy every moment. You can give yourself permission to be fully present on your wedding day, resting assured that you hired a professional with over a decade of experience and hundreds of weddings photographed to capture your day authentically. 

Kati Rosado Photography vows to serve each and every person equally regardless of age, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, abilities, size, skin color, or religion... in business and in life.

You are valued. You are loved. Your story matters. 

all are welcome here!