September 18, 2016

Jordan & Alaina, Wormsloe and Downtown Savannah Georgia Engagement Session

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed my exciting announcement that I will be photographing a wedding in Iceland. Well, it will be the wedding of this sweet couple! Jordan and Alaina are also photographers, who live in Nashville. They were in Savannah the same time I was so it worked out perfectly to “meet in the middle” and shoot their engagement session in the always lovely Savannah, Georgia.

Their engagement story…

“I should make one note before I tell you how Jordan proposed! So 2 years ago, around Christmas when it came time to put up the tree, I had told Jordan I found a couple Christmas tree farms nearby us where you can go and pick out your own tree and cut it down, and how cute I thought that would be to do together! Jordan expressed his dislike for that idea (mostly because he knew he’d be the one to have to cut it down, and do all the heavy lifting) and suggested we just go buy our own pre-cut tree from a store, which we ended up doing.

Fast forward to last November, it was the Friday after Thanksgiving, Jordan told me that he had made me an appointment that day to get a pedicure, massage, and manicure. He told me what time and where it was, and sent me on my way! Since this is not an everyday occurrence, I immediately thought, oh my gosh, this is it! He’s going to propose today!! After I got back from my spa treatments, we went and had a nice, low-key lunch together, and then came back home. When I asked him what else he had planned that day and he said not much, I figured maybe I had jumped the gun and he wasn’t going to propose just yet. Since we are wedding phtoographers and had plenty of editing to do at the time, I decided to go upstairs and catch up on our work. This was probably perfect for Jordan because during the few hours I was in the office, he was out on our patio setting up and building things to create the perfect setting for a romantic dinner! He had bought a few new plants to decorate our patio with, strung up those cute cafe lights, put our record player outside next to the bistro table and chairs, set up the table for dinner, lit a fire in our chimney, and then came upstairs to get me. When I walked out onto the patio, the lights were dimmed, the fire was going, there were candles lining our deck, and Frank Sinatra was playing on the record player! It was adorable, romantic, and I was amazed that he put all of this together without me even realizing it! We sat down and had a delicious dinner together, and the entire time I was thinking to myself, “When is he going to ask me?” I had even texted my soon to be sister-in-law saying I thought this was it, he was going to propose! Well, much to my surprise (and everyone else’s) he didn’t propose that night!

The next day, I woke up and Jordan told me to get ready, that we were going to get lunch together and then he was taking me somewhere after, but wouldn’t say where. After lunch, we got in the car and started driving. It felt like we were in the car for an hour (it was probably 30 minutes, but I’m sure my anxiousness made it feel longer than it was!) I had no idea where we were going, all I knew was that we had never been in this area/direction before. I only knew where we were going when we drove past a sign that said “Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm” with an arrow pointing down a road! I immediately looked over at Jordan with what I’m sure was the goofiest smile of all time! How sweet he was to remember that the year before I had wanted to go cut down our own tree, and now we were on our way to do that! When we got to the farm, we started to look for our perfect tree, and during this search, a million thoughts were racing through my mind…is this when he’ll propose? Does he have the tree picked out already? Does he have a setup somewhere that I’ll stumble upon? When is he going to propose? How is he going to do it? When we found a tree that we loved, that’s when Jordan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Jordan is normally so eloquent when he speaks and writes, but since he was so nervous he was jumbling through his words! It was the most romantic, sweetest thing ever to see him so nervous after being together for 5 years! After the initial excitement died down, we face-timed with family to share the wonderful news, and then cut down our first tree together. We spent the rest of the day decorating our Christmas tree, putting up more decor around the house, and then cuddled up by the fireplace that evening. It was a perfectly romantic, intimate day! I love that every year from now when we continue the tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree, we can reminisce on the day he proposed, and it will be that much more special to us. I’m also so excited that I’ll be able to share this story with our children one day, when we continue the tradition with them!”

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